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"TIME"3P Review from - Rob Gomez - South Texas Sound Project

2020 is just one of those years. With things happening so fast, it’s easy to blink and miss a major event... like the release of Time, the latest three-track EP (or 3P) from Lost & Faded. With last year’s addition of drummer Mykey Garcia, the band cemented its lineup and is firing on all cylinders for their first musical offering of the year. 

“Take Your Time” is our Charon on the river Time, and guitarist Rene Vela commands waves of pop-punk riffage that get the blood pumping. Garcia breathes vibrant life into the rhythm section, beating the skins with command and weaving a tight rhythm pocket with the always-focused JP Benavides. Lead singer and lyricist Mitch Hackleman delivers one of his most sincere and measured performances of his young career on “Take Your Time”. His gift for story-telling is in full bloom, cultivated with water from the bottomless well of inspired guitar work we’ve come to expect from Vela. The bridge alone is worth the price of admission, with gang choral work and a furious refrain that sets the hook and reels the listener in.


“Mitch and I tend to go over new and old riffs or ideas and decide what the foundation of our next 3P will be”, explains Vela. “For me, Time definitely has more of an upbeat sound compared to our other releases, making it really fun to play live!” 

“Take Your Time” was the first song we finished, among a few others that just didn’t seem to fit as well”, adds Hackleman. “So we kept writing until we had a few more songs that fit. Time unintentionally became its own mini story about the older tale in the book: Guy meets girl, girl leaves guy, guy handles it well(ish), and then, in the dark, empty void he is left with, he begins to contemplate his own existence. It’s an age old tale.”


The second track, “Wake Me Up”, might imply drowsiness, but you won’t find any here. The track is a slow-burn that begins with a signature ear-tickling Vela riff and builds to an inferno at the hands of Hackleman and his pro delivery. Easily one of their heavier songs, the band keeps their melodic and upbeat, nostalgic worldview. They never tire of the introspective, sometimes uncomfortable exploration of the self and relationships with others, and “Wake Me Up” is a relatable song of heartache and the desperate need for serenity when are left alone with our thoughts. How do we cope with lost love and the death of what could have been when the lights go out and the world is quiet? It’s a lot to deal with, especially when painting these tales with the depth and feel of an emotionally-aware rock band. 

Hackleman explains that even he didn’t fully grasp the full breadth of the work until it was finished. “It wasn’t until the mastering process that I sat down and realized that it was the same guy who lived through all these songs! We always start with writing what we feel, and somehow these seemingly different things start to weave an intricate web. It’d be easy to take credit for the coincidences that work themselves out in our art, but we’d be lying if we said it was all planned.” 

One could be forgiven for finding it hard to believe, because the left-hook-from-right- field sound of “Out of Sync” seems too ideal to be coincidence. There are the sound effects (a first for the band), the dreamlike lullaby intro melody, and then a rollercoaster drop that drives your stomach straight into your throat. You can hear the desperation in the lyrics, the frustration of watching time slip through your hands like grains of sand. The band plays with sniper-like precision, locked in on each and every point conveyed by Hackleman, who continues to stretch out with his vocals and add new tools to his toolbox. The use of sound effects to introduce and eulogize the 3P gives it an old school feel, like an album you’re revisiting that was the soundtrack of your life during the heartbreak that made you who you are today. It’s painful, it’s sincere, and it’s a watermark in the process of human growth... actually, it’s a pretty good watermark for the growth of Lost & Faded. 

As always, the band is currently working on their next 3P project, but make time for Time... you’ll find it well spent. 

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